Campus Kinus Download 2015


Sample underwriter’s cover letter

Dear Underwriter,   It is my sincere hope that you will spend a few minutes to read this cover letter and click on the hyperlinks before you begin your analysis of the submission package. For if you approach your underwriting assignment as you would a... Read More

Mortgage Document Checklist

Documentation Checklist: Ratified purchase agreement Copy of your existing lease or rental agreement YTD and last 3 years income & expense statements and balance sheets Last 3 months bank statements for all bank accounts (all pages, even if blank) Bio on the leaders List all... Read More

Housing Allowance

Today, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals reversed a 2013 ruling by U.S. District Judge Barbara Crabb that identified the housing allowance benefit for clergy(IRS Code §107(2)) unconstitutional.   The original lawsuit, filed by the Freedom From Religion Foundation argued that the parsonage allowance exclusion... Read More

Why a Synagogue can’t be underwritten like a Church

To whom it may concern: Churches and Synagogues share many similarities structurally and organizationally, but they are also dissimilar in many ways.   I would like to address what’s different out of concern that if an underwriter looks at things that seem typical with churches,... Read More