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Our Purpose

Our purpose at Shluchim Funding is to empower every Shliach to acquire ownership of his own Chabad House at the best financial terms; and to help lower the borrowing costs for Shluchim who already have a mortgage.


We have a thorough working knowledge of nonprofit mortgage lending including the credit & income decisioning tools used by different types of Banks. But even a Moisod with strong financials and good credit can have its loan application declined because most banks gear their underwriting guidelines towards “vanilla” religious institutions. Needless to say, Chabad is anything but “vanilla”.


Shluchim Funding has been involved in more than $100,000,000 worth of Chabad Mortgages in an advisory or brokerage capacity. We have developed lending protocols that give Chabad Shluchim the greatest possible advantage to achieve success while mitigating financial risk for banks.


The added value we provide is translating your unique scenario into a language that makes sense to a bank underwriter while ensuring in advance that your financial attributes are approvable.


We are committed to helping the Rebbe’s Shluchim by making our expertise available and affordable.

Shluchim we’ve helped

Rabbi Moshe Levin
Chabad of Pico Robertson (Bais Bezalel) Los Angeles
I can say adus how Yonatan uses negotiating and people skills in extremely difficult situ- ations that require intelligence and acute diplomacy, and he aces. This guy’s a mentch who has humility and derech eretz that you can speak openly to and trust he will respect your confidence. He is the man!
Rabbi Levi Fogelman
Chabad Center of Natick, MA
Yonatan’s guidance was invaluable in helping us obtain a refinance for our Chabad Center. He truly appreciates the Shliach’s challenges, seamlessly guiding us through the intricacies of dealing with banks, and even the Balebatim.
Rabbi Itchel Krasnjansky
Chabad of Hawaii
Yonatan got me a great mortgage after everyone else told me it wasn’t possible. More important, these guys are here to be of service to Shluchim and they know the way it really is for us.
Rabbi Avremi Mintz
Chabad of South Metro Denver
Yonatan helped us secure a mortgage at an amazing rate, saving us a significant amount of money. We are grateful and blessed to have met Yonatan. I would highly recommend using him for your future mortgage needs.
Rabbi Shmuel Gancz
Chabad of Suffern, NY
With the daily challenges that a shliach faces it was so heart- warming to know that there are people like Yonatan who just care, and care enough to make a difference in our Shlichus! He managed to secure a mortgage for us in no time.
Rabbi Raleigh Resnick
Chabad of the Tri-Valley, CA
Yonatan has been a genuine life saver for us. He has patiently guided us through the acquisition of our Chabad House. His unique ability to effectively communicate our mosad’s structure to banks has enabled us to secure financing we were thrilled with.
Rabbi Eli Rivkin
Chabad of Northridge
Yonatan shepherded us through a complicated process. He was amazing. Our purchase would not have happened without his expertise. He is also a pleasure to work with.
Rabbi Eli Kaminetzky
Chabad of Taos, NM
Yonatan went above and beyond for us. With incredible patgience and generosity of spirit he helped us through the entire process until its successful conclusion.
Rabbi Shimon Raichik
Congregation Levi Yitzchak, CA
Yonatan recently got our Chabad House mortgage approved at a very low rate and I assure you it wasn’t easy! I recommend Shluchim Funding.
Rabbi Dovid Eliezrie
Chabad of Orange County, CA
Yonatan of Shluchim Funding is a true partner to Shluchim. He was a crucial help to our Moisad and he can help you!
Rabbi Shloime Chein
Chabad of U.C. Santa Cruz
Yonatan knows the mortgage industry very well and knows Shlichus life very well; he is there- fore able to work with Shluchim’s unique needs in preparing all the finances properly and obtaining very pleasing loans.
Rabbi Baruch Ezagui
Chabad of La Jolla
Yonatan is the best shliach to the Shluchim. He is the perfect liaison between your moisod and the finances you need to make things happen.
Rabbi Chaim Zaklos
Chabad of Solano County
It became clear early on that I could let my guard down with Yonatan because his only consideration was protecting me and helping me with my Shlichus. If you’re planning to purchase or refinance, you are well advised to consult with Yonatan early on.
Rabbi Gill Leeds
Chabad of U.C. Berkeley
I have been the beneficiary of Yonatan’s expert guidance. He has been a trusted steward of Shluchim for many years and he has made it his personal Shlichus to help the Rebbe’s Shluchim in a way which he knows best.
Rabbi Yossi Baitelman
Chabad of Studio City
After 18 years in a one room storefront I didn’t even dream we would own our own property, until I met Yonatan.  Now we own a beautiful 2,500 square foot Chabad House with room to expand. We are truly thankful and recommend him highly to all who need this type of expertise.
Rabbi Zalman Marcus
Chabad of Mission Viejo
My only regret is that I didn’t meet Yonatan 15 years ago when I started with my first mortgage. He is a caring mentch who knows his field and works on your behalf. He understands our needs and is able to help from a unique vantage point.
Rabbi Nechemia Schusterman
Chabad of Peabody
Yonatan helped me with incredible patience, ensuring we were easily approved. He is an expert in the field of nonprofit financing and he knows the inner workings of Chabad Houses.
Rabbi Berel Levertov
Chabad of Santa Fe
Yonatan helped steer me thru a complicated construction loan and made it easy. I heartily recommend him; it’s clear that his purpose is to help Shluchim.
Rabbi Yosef Levin
Chabad of Greater South Bay
Yonatan successfully helped two of our Shluchim get mortgages for their Chabad Houses. He is an expert in the field, especially getting that difficult mortgage for a Chabad House. A pleasure to work with and a real mentsch.
Rabbi Dov Wagner
Chabad at USC
Yonatan closed two complicated loans for us at great rates and impressive speed. His knowledge, expertise and positive attitude translated into an extremely pleasing experience.
Rabbi Eliyahu Schusterman
Chabad InTown, Atlanta, GA
Yonatan is extremely knowledgeable in the loan process and will present your organization for success. He knows how to extract the best terms from the bank. And he’s a mentsch.
Rabbi Simcha Backman
Chabad of Glendale, CA
Yonatan provided critical services and amazing guidance thus ensuring that we got the loan we needed for our new facility. He also ensured the best rate and terms available anywhere. I highly recommend that my fellow Shluchim use Yonatan’s services.
Rabbi Shmuly Novack
Chabad of Southside, Jacksonville, FL
Yonatan assisted us immensely and saved us many tens of thousands of dollars. He’s a mentsch and a pleasure to work with.
Rabbi Yonah Grossman
Chabad of Fargo, North Dakota
Yonatan was able to take our “unique” situation and package it in a way that fit the bank’s framework. Yonatan is sincere, dedicated, and knowledgeable. We would use him again in a heartbeat.
Rabbi M.D. Winner
Chabad of Brighton Beach, Brooklyn
Yonatan is amazing. He is professional, resourceful, and very easy to work with. He got us a very competitive rate in a short amount of time. I highly recommend him.
Rabbi Shlomo Rothstein
Chabad of Vanderbilt University, Tennessee
Yonatan is a pleasure to work with, he understands Shluchim and makes it part of his Shlichus to help us. Through his relationships, experience, and expertise, he negotiated a rate and deal that was beyond our expectations and saved us a lot of money in the process.
Rabbi Shlomy Levertov
Chabad of Paradise Valley
Yonatan is a pleasure to work with. He truly cares about your moisod and success. He guided us in every step of the process and beyond.
Rabbi Yossi Winner
University of Arizona
Yonatan is a pleasure to work with. He is meticulous about every detail of the process. He is experienced, knowledgeable, and professional and he will help you get the best possible mortgage.
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